Volunteer Car Driver

Our Patient Transport Service operation is supported by an active and much valued cohort of Volunteer Car Drivers who operate throughout the North West.

Volunteer Car Drivers are volunteers who live and work in the local community and give up their time to assist our Patient Transport Service in transporting mobile patients to and from hospital appointments such as outpatients, radiotherapy, renal dialysis, etc. This service is greatly relied on and appreciated by the patients we transport as demonstrated by the volume of compliment cards we receive.

We currently have approximately 200 volunteers and are looking for people who live in Cumbria who would be willing to give their time to provide this service. We are looking for volunteers with availability between the hours of 06:00am and 09:00pm.

The frequency and quantity of hours are flexible and determined by your availability as this is what is great about being a volunteer as you can choose to help out when it suits you.
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North West Ambulance Service

As a volunteer, you will not receive a salary however you will receive a mileage allowance of 45p per mile for all miles driven whilst volunteering. In addition you would receive any out of pocket expenses such as car park fees, telephone calls and subsistence for a meal for any journeys exceeding 100 miles in one direction.

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