Online Aphasia Group Volunteer

A weekly online volunteering role supporting people with the communication disability aphasia in a group, led by a Speech and Language Therapist and a team of other volunteers. Aphasia is most often acquired after a stroke or brain injury.
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Dyscover Limited

Dyscover provides vital services for people with aphasia. Aphasia is a communication disability that is caused by damage to the language processing centres of the brain, most commonly through stroke. It can affect the ability to speak, read, write and understand what’s being said and is a very frustrating and isolating condition. Aphasia can be mild or severe, depending on the type and extent of damage to the brain. Dyscover is unique because all of our sessions, programmes and courses are led or overseen by professional speech and language therapists. Our weekly online group sessions are designed to help people to adjust to living with aphasia. We help our members to develop strategies for communicating, maximise abilities and provide help and support for partners, carers and other family members.

AM Noon PM