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We are looking for people who can help us spread the word of the amazing work we do through our social media channels, specifically with our football teams, boxing club and gym.
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Fishwick Rangers Youth & Community Development Scheme

Fishwick Rangers Youth & Community Development Scheme has been an established organisation for the last twenty five years. We have a proven track-record of facilitating and a reputation for delivering high quality services and projects for disadvantaged young people. As a local voluntary organisation, we are able to be flexible and responsive to local need and on-going review of our activities with service users backs this up. The organisation has grown from a small start-up organisation to a fully functional purpose built organisation catering for the needs of the entire community. We have had financial growth maintained by a sound financial base including contributions from a very active community and local businesses plus successful applications to a range of charitable trusts. Aims and objectives of the organisation include: • to offer young people and local residents from deprived and disadvantaged wards activities, which motivate, educate, makes productive use of time and improves the quality of life for residents in the area • to offer activities which promote self help, empowerment and team work, which strengthens the quality of life for young people and the community as a whole • to encourage and assist young people and local residents in the area to actively participate in group activities • to enhance multi cultural understanding and mutual respect • to work with the community to equip them with the skills to be effective leaders in their communities and bring about positive community action Encourage residents to take qualifications, empowering them to work within the community

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