Overseas Internship: Global Leadership Programme (4-6 months)

Location options:
Mae Sariang, Thailand
Battambang, Cambodia
Sacred Valley, Peru
Palampur, India
Arusha, Tanzania
El Valle, Panama

Your role:

After an initial period of training, you will be placed in one of our overseas hubs as a Group Mentor and Project Implementor, you will be supporting our in-country team through coordinating group projects and supporting our project participants on their journey to becoming global citizens.

Your days will be filled with exciting challenges and fulfilling experiences, including:

Making an impact - Coordinating and delivering impactful project activities (e.g. STEAM workshops, tree planting) with our local partners, all aligned with FutureSense Foundations values and mission.

Taking the lead – Embark on a leadership role as you guide your group of project participants through immersive and exciting cultural activities, fostering a profound appreciation for local traditions, languages, and customs that enriches and broadens your global perspective.

Facilitating learning - Engage your group in reflective discussions and interactive sessions to foster personal growth, leadership skills, and self-confidence among the participants.

Championing change – Monitoring project inputs, outputs, and impacts to ensure our projects make a lasting difference.

Capturing the magic – Reporting on the progress and success of all international project participants and community development project delivery activities.

Go the extra mile- Be ready to work extended hours and weekends at times, knowing that you will get from this programme what you put in.

Benefits of the Global Leadership Programme:

Unlock Your Potential: Embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth. You'll gain hands-on experience in community development and project management. You’ll also develop invaluable leadership, communication and cross-cultural skills that will propel your future career to new heights.

Find Fulfillment: Experience the unparalleled satisfaction that comes from contributing to projects that create a meaningful and positive impact within the communities that we work.

Certify Your Accomplishments: Upon completion, you'll receive a Certificate of Accomplishment and a LinkedIn endorsement. Enhance your CV, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile to stand out in the competitive job market.

Forge Global Connections: Connect with individuals from across the globe, including programme participants and local community members, cultivating lasting relationships.

Explore a future with us: Your commitment and hard work during could pave the way to a lasting career with us, setting you on a journey of growth and development within the foundation.

Discover the World: During your time with us, embrace the opportunity to explore new environments, visit cultural sites, and immerse yourself in the unique culture the country has to offer.
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