*Story Corner Volunteer - support asylum seeking families in Blackpool*

What will you do?

Provide regular weekly sessions for children and families
Build trusting relationships with asylum seeking families.
Encourage children and families to engage in learning and creativity.
Provide opportunities for children and families to practice their English skills in a fun way (through games and songs)
Provide encouragement to speak English and create a safe environment to make mistakes and build confidence.
Read stories that are age appropriate for the group.
Play games and run activities with the children and families.
Support children and families to maintain their cultural identity through sharing songs, stories, artwork
Help facilitate free play/reading time
​Set up and pack away the language library resources
Be empathetic and patient in sessions
Provide ongoing feedback to volunteer supervisor throughout the duration of the project
Uphold professional boundaries
Report any safeguarding or confidentiality breach concerns to your volunteer supervisor as soon as possible.

​What will you not be able to do?

Volunteer with us if you are under 18.
Exchange contact information with clients
Buy gifts or food and lend/give/receive money
Carry out casework tasks, such as, complete benefits applications, liaise with local authorities or refer to other services or provide immigration advice
Take children and young people off site
Get Contact Information
Migrant Help

Migrant Help was founded in 1963 by Helen Ellis (MBE) and was originally known as the 'Kent Committee for the Welfare of Migrants' (KCWM). Helen, a leading figure in the provision of welfare support to refugees and those seeking asylum, established our charity to give support to the high number of displaced people arriving at the Channel Ports. At that time there were nearly 1.7 million forcibly displaced people in the world, a figure which has massively increased to 89.3 million in 2021. Over the last 50 years, we have developed projects and services based on our core vision of supporting, respecting, and protecting refugees and those seeking asylum in the UK. It wasn’t until 2010 that we adopted our current name, Migrant Help.

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