About Us

Interested in Volunteering?

Whether you are a full-time under-graduate student looking to broaden your horizons working abroad, interested in getting a 50% discount on UCLan’s Sports Coaching qualifications or are looking to get the most out of your studies with an extra accreditation from the Institute of Leadership and Management the Centre for Volunteering and Community Leadership at UCLan can offer you the opportunity to get ahead.

Get international experience

Get international experience as part of Volunteering and Community Action with our Global Youth Leaders (GYL) programme providing leadership training for students, advisors and organisations through peer-led training and teaching. Over the past three years the GYL programme has run in America, Russia and Pakistan giving our students the opportunity to share their learning and work across cultures, countries and continents.

Gain an extra accreditation

Gain an extra accreditation for your volunteering from the Institute of Leadership and Management recognised by employers and aimed at supporting students to become effective leaders within the community and providing grassroots organisations with the opportunity to ‘grow your own’ community leaders for the future.

Want to be a qualified coach?

Want to be a qualified coach? Volunteer and receive a 50% discount on various Sport Coaching qualifications. Students can complete National Governing Body awards at UCLan in a number of different sports as well as gaining other coaching and officiating qualifications. Those who also choose to take part in a minimum of 30 hours volunteering with a sports club or team will receive a substantial discount on all courses, allowing participants to build up practical coaching experience alongside their studies.